Defensive Cycling

Are you an Austin* cyclist who has received a traffic ticket while riding your bike? Are you a local cyclist who hasn't been ticketed, but would like to know how to avoid getting one, and become more skilled at riding in traffic?

The Austin Cycling Association offers one of the few Defensive Cycling courses in the nation. Since July of 2010, in conjunction with the Austin Municipal Court and The Center for Cycling Education, we have been offering an option to cyclists that has been available to drivers for years - having a traffic ticket waived in exchange for taking part in some valuable, effective training. (* Some other jurisdictions outside of Austin accept completion of this course for ticket deferrals. Ask at your local courthouse.)

With this course, you will meet the requirements to dismiss your traffic ticket, have your fine waived (but not the court fee) and keep the offense from being applied to your driving record. Whether you are new to cycling, or an experienced rider, you will also take away valuable techniques for increasing your safety and comfort in traffic. Through the training, you will learn the laws that apply to you, helping you avoid a ticket in the future.

Cost: $35 / Time: 3 hours

These courses are open to any cyclist, not just ones who have received a ticket. Not only will applying this training help prevent you from getting a traffic citation, but the techniques you learn will increase your comfort and safety on the road. Valuable for experienced cyclists as well as beginners.

Here's how you can take part in this 'ticket deferral' option

  1. Complete and submit a Deferred Disposition form through the Austin Municipal Court, along with the payment of the court fee ($113) and any other associated charges.
  2. Sign up for the online course.
  3. Complete the course with a passing grade.  Your certificate will be mailed to you.
  4. On receiving your certificate, you can either mail it, or take it in person, to any location of the Austin Municipal Court.

Additional information regarding the Austin Municipal Court's procedures and requirements for bicycle violations can be found on the Court's website.

This online course is provided and taught under license by The Center for Cycling Education.